Our principles


We know that the trust of our customers has to be earned, and we feel that the only way we can do that, is by being completely open about everything we do. We want our customers to know exactly what’s in their food and where our ingredients come from.

Customer service

At Fäboda we prepare each and every meal as if we made it for ourselves. The satisfaction of our guests is our highest priority. We set high standards for ourselves, and we know that our customers do the same.


We are convinced that really good food only can be made from real and fresh ingredients, and that is why we are very careful, when choosing our ingredients. We only use subcontractors that can meet our high quality standards, and we strive towards using as much local and domestic food as possible.


We do almost everything ourselves, down to the last detail. For instance, we cook our own fond using only the best ingredients, and we make our own french fries. This way we can guarantee a unique and tasteful meal, free from any unnecessary additives.