About us

We focus on quality, transparency and customer service. We use the best local ingredients to offer you a unique taste experience inspired by the beauty of the surrounding nature. Welcome!


Fäboda Kaffestuga is located in Fäboda area in Pietarsaari, Western Finland. The nature in Fäboda is a breathtaking combination of long sandy beaches and dunes, rocky landscapes, forests with nature trails and marshes. Here you can enjoy food and drinks on the terrace by the beach or inside the lovely log building.


Owners Saul and Karin Mäenpää are an entrepreneur couple who have a passion for great food. Buying the restaurant in the spring 2013 was really a dream come true for them.

We’re much more than a traditional café.

We are convinced that really good food only can be made from real and fresh ingredients. We only use subcontractors that can meet our high quality standards, and we strive towards using as much local and domestic food as possible.

At Fäboda we prepare each and every meal as if we made it for ourselves. The satisfaction of our guests is our highest priority. We set high standards for ourselves, and we know that our customers do the same.

Fäboda Blend, our very own dark roasted blend, is roasted from fresh beans at the roastery in Helsinki. The coffee has a pleasant sweetness and full-bodied taste of caramelized nuts and chocolate.


Our new name: Fäboda Kaffestuga. Read more.

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